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“Opening the Doors of Creativity” – Terence McKenna 1990

A fresh talk emphasizing the challenge of artistic creation sponsored by the Carnegie Museum of Art, 1990. “The break between abstract expressionism and what preceded it was the most radical break in American art in this century. Abstract expressionism actually… Continue reading

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Heart & Mind Festival NYC – Nov. 17th

The Heart & Mind 2012 Festival is a unique platform for cross-cultural dialogue that moves beyond conventional approaches to seek practical solutions for the good of the global community.  This festival is not an event – it’s a movement dedicated to… Continue reading

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Potent Jungle Vine (Ayahuasca) Has Potential to Treat Addiction

New research suggests ayahuasca, a jungle vine found in the Peruvian rainforest, can have a powerful effect on the human central nervous system when brewed with other plants. Researchers say one of ayahuasca’s most promising uses could be in treating… Continue reading

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Robert Forte: Cultural Healing Lecture

Excerpt from the 4th International Amazonian Shamanism ConferenceRobert Forte studied the history of religion with Mircea Eliade at the University of Chicago, and the psychedelic experience with Stanislav Grof at Esalen. He has worked for two decades to help western… Continue reading

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NbgHLQHdv0 Dr Rick Strassman is a biological psychiatrist who has spent over a decade researching the effects of DMT, psilocybin, and the pineal hormone melatonin. He first began looking into the functions of the pineal gland due to its curious… Continue reading

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Terence McKenna & Nicole Maxwell: Amazonian Shamanism

Nicole the explorer swaps tales with mercury-minded Terence. The 7 1/2 hour tape set captures the humorous depth of this pair’s expertise in a compilation of the full weekend, including Terence’s rhapsodic overview of shamanism as the key for responding… Continue reading

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