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“Jeu” Georges Schwizgebel – 1977

Georges Schwizgebel, born in 1944 in Reconvillier in the Bernese Jura. Paradoxically, it is the influence of his parents which, at the age of 15, leads him to start training in painting at the School of Fine Arts. He meets… Continue reading

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Archegram: 3rd Iteration DVD in the Works

We are excited to announce that a new composition for the much anticipated Archegram DVD is currently in the works.  Brooke Hamre Gillespie is working with the Arc Ra ensemble to develop an immersive soundscape of chants and drones that… Continue reading

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Art Direction & Design Services

We are proud to offer art direction & design services with over 16 years experience delivering award-winning work across multiple disciplines. With increasing focus on conscious design in the shifting paradigm, we are excited to help execute tailored solutions for the highest vision possible. Please visit sadekbazaraa.com for a comprehensive overview of projects.

Sadek Bazaraa is a multi-media artist and designer working in the realms of art direction, commercial design and fine art. As one of the founding partners of the seminal direction and design studio GHAVA, Bazaraa has over 16 years experience working within the overlap of art and design on numerous commercial projects for clients such as Current TV, Nokia, Diesel, powerHouse Books, Warp Records, and Mtv.

Bazaraa’s recent visual acuity is deeply rooted in esoteric and symbolic form.  Drawing from a variety of traditions both ancient and avant-garde, from physics to occult ideologies, his work often seeks to crystallize those fleeting moments where the sacred, mysterious, and psychedelic merge seamlessly with the sleek deliberateness of modern design.

In 2011, Galactic Resonance was founded by Bazaraa as a platform dedicated to presenting multi-disciplinary perspectives on Science, Physics, Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations, Technology, Medicine, Wisdom Traditions, Mysticism, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality, Art & Design, Consciousness, Esoteric Science and other similarly related topics.

Email: sadek@sadekbazaraa.com

Emilio Gomariz

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Fractal Exploration

UV Santa vs. Fraktal Farfar (by Martin Stebbing)

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Harry Smith: Early Abstractions

Harry Smith “Early Abstractions” (1946-57), Pt. 3

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Civilization by Marco Brambilla

http://vimeo.com/5082155 Civilization by Marco Brambilla on Vimeo (via Vimeo)

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Tales of the Unexpected

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John Whitney-Permutations (1966)

John Whitney-Permutations (1966)

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Phenomena and Occurrences

Phenomena and Occurrences

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Secret Lives of Invisible Magnetic Fields

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries. All action takes place around NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley, to recordings of space scientists describing their discoveries. Actual VLF audio recordings control the evolution of… Continue reading

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