Keshe Foundation to present ground-breaking gravitational space technology on 4/21/2012

The purpose of this exclusive presentation is the introduction of the Keshe Foundation gravitational space technology to the international space agencies and governments. The Foundation is and will stay a neutral organisation without ties to any government.

Quote from founder Mr. Keshe (3/16/2012):
We gave our knowledge in space programs free of charge and as a gift to Iranian scientists. Thus this will be the same for the rest. We do not and shall not sell our technology to the officials, governments and space agencies whom attend the meeting, but the technology will be given as a gift to them as part of our belief in the mans equality in knowledge share.

This time around there will be no one nation in space, but all together and in one move. How each entity commercialises their part of new knowledge from us to increase their research then this will be in the hand of each government and organisation.

Our space technology will be a gift to your nations and not a sale. We have asked for public to be there that this time the technology will not be shelved, but in open to be used for the good of all men, irrespective of nations and religions. We will invite ISA, NASA as ESA and this time we will work in one direction and not whom will be the super-power.

Today is the first day of the spring and a new beginning for mankind and this will be the way we have set our goal. New beginning, New ethos and new Science for this era. In this meeting African nations will have the same opportunity in developing their space program as Iran, USA and Russia will have. Whom does not attend will be their loss and shame on their arrogance.

As I said in my recent talks in Holland, Can you pay dollars or gold to beings in space, whom we will encounter soon. Monitory values of the man will be gift of man for the earth living and in space we will work and support each other as one planet and no payment. There are no McDonald’s and no bread shops to buy food from in space. The Keshe Foundation has done all its work to take the man into space independent of the earth resources and now we are ready to share the whole knowledge with the whole of mankind. No patent no peer-review control, all our knowledge is for all nations and all men.

Welcome the true world of the humanity and the ethos of the Keshe Foundation of once of mankind.

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