Alexander Putney book & interview on ancient sites, artifacts, and knowledge + free PHI download

Highly recommended is Alexander Putney’s first book PHI which discusses the idea of Giza as a fulcrum point for global resonance in relation to the function and alignment of many of the world’s sacred sites. Features many breathtaking South American discoveries which defy modern logic and point towards extremely advanced knowledge from ages ago.  Fans of Klaus Dona are sure to be familiar with this curious collection of over 300 metal, stone and ceramic artifacts found at La Maná, Ecuador.
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Alex Putney who is behind joins Red Ice Radio to discuss his work and theories on standing waves, geometrical relationship between ancient monuments, pyramids, sacred sites, magnetic resonance, Earth’s chakras points, changing energies, 2012, acoustic levitation, Tesla, electrum water, black light and the strange objects found at La Maná in Ecuador that are UV fluorescent.

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