Excavations to restart at Neolithic site of Gobeklitepe

This year’s excavations will begin soon in Gobeklitepe, which is regarded as the world’s oldest temple and commonly named the “zero point of civilization.” This ancient temple is located in the eastern Turkish province of Sanliurfa.

Schmidt said there was a complicated motif of some 50 animal figures on the T-shaped pillar that was discovered in the previous season’s excavations. He said this was first of its kind, adding, “We see an eagle motif catching a snake on the same pillar, and it shows us that these figures tell us very developed stories. We will work with a team of foreign scientists and archaeologists in order to examine and solve the symbols on the artworks in Gobeklitepe. We are currently in the process of forming some international working groups to solve and understand this symbolic world. A working group will come to Sanliurfa in October and a small symposium will be held on this issue.”

via: The Archaeology News Network

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