Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fake Chamber Scandal

Only days after being sentenced to a year’s jail sentence, former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities “Zahi Hawass” could be in trouble yet again, evidence has emerged that he may have staged a false project, live on T.V. to fool the people of Egypt, and the world!In 2002 a robot was sent to explore a shaft within the Great Pyramid, it was aired on the National Geographic Channel on September the 17th. Millions of viewers watched as the robot entered the shaft, at the end of which was a mysterious door, with two protruding copper handles.

The robot which was aptly named The Robot Explorer, and was built at the University of Leeds, England, was to work its way through the shaft, via soft brace pads that grip the walls, much like the technique that rock climbers use for ascending chimneys, The robot had a fibre optic camera to navigate and film its journey through the shaft. Once it reached the end of the shaft, it was assigned the job of drilling a small hole through the door that sealed the chamber, literally giving it means to poke its fibre optic camera through the hole, and view what lies beyond.

So whats so controversial about this you may ask? Well it appears that Zahi Hawass may have deceived us all, pictures taken of the chamber show something out of the ordinary, at first glance it isn’t all that apparent, upon second glance something suddenly does’nt look quite right.

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