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Unmistaken Child – The Reincarnation of a Tibetan Lama

http://youtu.be/8stKBLnUGN0 The Buddhist concept of reincarnation, while both mysterious and enchanting, is hard for most westerners to grasp. Unmistaken Child follows the 4-year search for the reincarnation of Lama Konchog, a world-renowned Tibetan master who passed away in 2001 at… Continue reading

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The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Download Audiobook The Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State differentiates the intermediate state between lives into three bardos: The chikhai bardo or “bardo of the moment of death”, which features the experience of the “clear light of reality”, or… Continue reading

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Researchers Say Ancient Tibetan Practice May Improve Health & Happiness

Data from a new Emory University study suggests that individuals who engage in “compassion meditation” based on a thousand-year-old Tibetan Buddhist mind-training practice (called “lojong” in Tibetan), appears to effectively reduce the inflammatory and behavioral responses to stress that have… Continue reading

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Tibetan Monks

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