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Yorkshire Family Missing Time / UFO Experience (2005)

On Sunday the 16th of January 2005 at around 5pm, four members of the Deverow family were eating at the Little Chef restaurant on the A65 road near Ingleton, North Yorkshire. They had enjoyed a family day out and would… Continue reading

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Incredibly Mysterious Artifacts Revealed – Mayan? UFOs? Authentic?

A recent batch of astonishing archaeological artifacts from Central America has recently surfaced on Youtube and is causing quite the stir.  As of now, there still seems to be very little information available on the complete origin and authenticity of… Continue reading

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Mysterious Stones – Ollantaytambo, Peru “Temple of the Sun”

Above the fortified terracing in Ollantaytambo, there lies a mysterious building romantically known as the “Temple of the Sun”. These stones are unique, their straight sides and unusual spacers being in total contrast to the multi-faced joints and beveled edges… Continue reading

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Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide

Lots of strange sounds being reported all over the world in recent months, especially in January 2012.  There is clear evidence of bizarre sounds prior to the US earthquakes in 2011. What is causing these reports?

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Klaus Dona: Hidden History and Ancient Artifacts

Klaus Dona hails from the art world and did a very successful exhibition about strange artifacts called “Unsolved Mysteries”. He is on a mission to bring to the eye of the public such finds as giant bones, crystal skulls, carvings… Continue reading

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Crop Circles – New Swirled Order Documentary

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop cirlces. Or is it an… Continue reading

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Miles of mysterious striped network grids discovered in Chinese desert

Here’s a new geological conundrum courtesy of the Mysterious East: A group of people studying online maps stumbled across a series of strange patterns in the Chinese desert large enough to be seen from space. The unusual white designs appear… Continue reading

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