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New excavation reveals never before seen Mayan symbols and figures

A vast city built by the ancient Mayan civilisation and discovered nearly a century ago in modern day Guatemala is finally starting to yield its secrets – including a hint that apocalyptic predictions around the ‘end’ of the Mayan Calendar… Continue reading

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Hunab Ku – Mayan Galactic Center

“Our modern day astrophysicists and astronomers, with all their sophisticated scientific instruments, are not the only humans that have wondered what may exist at the center of our galaxy. The superb astronomers and mathematicians of the ancient Mayan civilization, also… Continue reading

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Armenian Stonehenge – 7,500 years old

Armenian Stonehenge – 7,500 years old (4,500 years older than British Stonehenge) This Prehistoric Monument consisting of hundreds of Standing Stones on a territorial area of approximately 7 hectares.  Many of these stones have smooth angled holes of 4 to… Continue reading

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The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

THE MYSTERY OF CHACO CANYON examines the deep enigmas presented by the massive prehistoric remains found in Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico. It is the summation of 20 years of research. The film reveals that between 850 and 1150… Continue reading

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