Power To The People Webinar with Nassim Haramein and Daniel Pinchbeck – March 25, 2012 3pm

In a one-time interview with Evolver director Daniel Pinchbeck, Nassim Haramein will discuss his controversial work that posits the existence of an unlimited source of energy, accessible through understanding the deep structure of matter. His theory proposes that we can only reach this transformative threshold by undergoing a shift in consciousness. We require an initiatory level of psychic preparation before we can handle technologies that may have been known to ancient civilizations, perhaps given as bequests from galactic visitors who were connected with our planet long ago. Nassim has done experimental work verifying his theories. In this unique one-time webinar, we will discuss the physics behind his hypotheses, how this technology could become available to humanity, and what type of transformation of planetary consciousness is necessary as part of this process.

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