Playing pop music via paper posters with conductive ink

Paper posters that play music via printed circuits made with conductive ink have been unveiled. The prototype “Listening Post” poster is a guide to bands performing locally.

The interactive poster plays a short clip of a band’s music when a thumbnail image is pressed. Tickets can also be booked via the poster. The low cost of printing mean anything that uses paper or card could soon be much more interactive, said the poster’s inventors.

It is one of several “paper apps” that have been developed by a consortium of British scientists, musicians and researchers being demonstrated at the South By Southwest Show in Austin, Texas […]

Work was also going ahead on shrinking circuit boards so they too can be incorporated in the printing process. The posters marry printed conductive ink trails with a small circuit board holding a speaker and a small amount of memory. The low cost of paper and the fact that conductive inks can be applied via ordinary printing presses would quickly drive adoption […]

From: BBC News

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