Kallawaya Medicine Men of Bolivia

The Kallawaya are medicine men of the high Andes in Bolivia. They were considered the sacred healers of the Incas and are said to know over 600 plants and herbs. Today they continue their practice of ceremonial healing in the Bolivian high Andes near Lake Titicaca.

A documentary film crew (as portrayed in “Andean Healers, Secrets of the Kallawaya” directed by Thomas Wartmann) followed one such journey, as a Kallaway doctor traveled with his apprentice from deep inside the Kallawaya heartland to the highlands of Peru. Their destination was Machu Picchu. Their objective: to deliver one single medicinal plant to a friend.

As they travel, the Kallawaya collect botanical and spritual remedies, making their way through extreme latitudes, expanding their understanding of the universe. Over the centuries, their knowledge has exceeded the confines of what is known as medicine and reached a deeper, more powerful level.

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