The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space?

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY discussing theories in the mainstream that are quickly approaching the holographic and fractal nature of the universe as described by Nassim Haramein.


Physicist Brian Greene, host of the acclaimed series The Elegant Universe, returns with The Fabric of the Cosmos–a mind-blowing new exploration of space, time, and the very nature of reality. Discover how our perceptions have fooled us and time may be an illusion; why empty space is not empty; how a hidden realm, where the seemingly impossible is possible, lies just beneath the surface of the everyday world; and why other universes–even copies of you–may exist.

What Is Space? – You can’t see it, touch it, or taste it, but space is everywhere. And it’s not just an empty void. Surprising clues that space is “something” rather than “nothing” are overturning much of what we thought we knew about the universe, and may even hold the key to its ultimate fate.

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