New Foreign Accent Syndrome Case – Evidence of Holographic Brain Scrambling?

Birmingham-born Debie Royston has never been to France but now speaks with a bizarre Gallic twang after suffering a series of seizures. Debie, 40, was unable to speak at all for a month but when her voice returned it had changed.

She said: “I had a bad seizure and when it stopped my mouth wouldn’t work. Over the next month, I had to learn to speak again. But when I did, I heard a different sound, not my Brummie accent. I sounded French but I’ve never even been there. People say to me, ‘Where are you from?’ and when I say ‘Birmingham’ they say, ‘No, you’re French’.”

Debie is one of 60 people worldwide who suffer from foreign accent syndrome. Prof Nick Miller, a Newcastle University speech disorders expert who diagnosed Debie a year ago, said the cause of her condition is not clear.

He said: “She appears to have suffered seizures, but other factors may be present. For most, sounding foreign is a temporary phase of days, weeks or months… The number left with a permanent foreign accent is relatively few.”

from: The Mirror

Comment from Space Weather researcher Susan Joy Rennison:
This is yet another example…. I am now more confident that this is a neurological disorder caused by the holographic brain being scrambled due to a chaotic electromagnetic environment. This has happened before on this planet and recorded in ancient texts in stories concerning the confusion of languages…. Other examples include a Serbian boy who woke up thinking and speaking fluent English overnight.  You simply cannot have the Earth’s magnetosphere and cosmic shielding breaking down and there be no consequences

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