Moon Find May Point to Habitable Tunnels

US President Barack Obama may have to reconsider his decision to abandon plans to return to the Moon – it seems our closest galactic neighbor is still throwing up surprises. Last year, NASA’a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) dipped into a low orbit around the Moon and almost immediately returned results.

Early in May, it found lost Soviet rover Lunokhod 1, which wandered off course 40 years and stopped sending signals back to Earth. Later that month, it sent back an amazing image of a three-story high boulder which had rolled across the Moon’s surface before toppling into a crater.

Now it may have confirmed a theory that scientists had held about the Moon since the 1960s – its surface may hide a vast network of tunnels. If they exist, such tunnels could offer the kind of shelter that would allow humans to live on the Moon. “They could be entrances to a geologic wonderland,” lead researcher Mark Robinson of Arizona State University said.


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