Kepler on the relationship of the circle to its center

Profound excerpt from Johannes Kepler (1604) with sparks of modern day holographic theory, see Leonard Susskind’s lecture on The World as a Hologram and The Fabric of the Cosmos for video reference.  Even more relevant is the notion of expanding the density of a point (proton) to define the sphere (universe) as explored by Nassim Haramein in his most recent paper on the Cosmological Constant.

“… the centre point is, as it were, the origin of the spherical body; the outer surface the image of the innermost point, as well as the way to arrive at it; and the outer surface can be understood as coming about by an infinite expansion of the point beyond itself until a certain equality of all the individual acts of expansion are reached. The point spreads itself out over the extension so that point and surface are identical, except for the fact that the ratio of density and extension is reversed. Hence there exists everywhere between point and surface the most beautiful harmony, connection, relation, proportion and commensurability, And, although centre, surface and distance are manifestly three, yet they are One, so that no one of them could be even imagined to be absent without destroying the whole.”

Kepler, Ad Vitellionem paralipomena, p. 6-7., from Pauli. (cited from The Round Art, A. T. Mann)

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