John Worrell Keely – Free Energy & Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

John Ernst Worrell Keely, 1827-1898, discovered and developed the science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. Keely developed the famous Keely Motor from the 1860s into the 1880s when he shifted research from it to the Musical Dynasphere and other Etheric based projects.

During his earlier career Mr. Keely was engaged in various pursuits. He was employed, from time to time, as a physician, a pharmacist, and in other occupations. But since he was ten years of age he has been interested in the study of tones and resonances; of those rapid and incessant vibrations which underlie all we see in the world around us, and to which all the energies of the acting universe are primarily due. It is this study which he still continues, and the power which he has developed is claimed to come from a control of these vibrations.

One of the editors of the Times, in London, in January, 1891, wrote out this question of Keely to answer:- “What impulse led you primarily into the research of acoustic physics?” Keely replied, “An impulse associated sympathetically with my mental organism from birth seemingly, as I was acutely sensible of it in my childhood. Before I had reached my tenth year, researching in the realm of acoustic physics had a perfect fascination for me; my whole organism seemed attuned as if it were a harp of a thousand strings; set for the reception of all the conditions associated with sound force as a controlling medium, positive and negative; and with an intensity of enjoyment not to be described. From that time to the present, I have been absorbed in this research, and it has opened up to me the laws that govern the higher workings of nature’s sympathetic, hidden forces; leading me gradually on to the solution of the problem relating to the conditions that exist between the celestial and terrestrial outreaches, viz., polar negative attraction.”

from: SVPwiki : Keely

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