Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval on the Great Sphinx and Pyramids – Monuments to Life

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, authors of the best selling book The Sphinx Mystery, present startling evidence from our ancient past that could revolutionize how we see ourselves and our future. If their findings are correct, the implications for our planet are hard to comprehend, let alone predict. In part one of this program Graham Hancock offers thorough, compelling arguments exposing connections between the Great Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt, the Mexican pyramids of the sun and moon, the lost continent that lies beneath Antarctica, astral navigation, the ancient sites at Giza, and the interpretations of Egyptian pyramid texts. In Part Two Robert Bauval offers thorough, compelling arguments which have split the academic world. Why did the Egyptians really build the pyramids? What lies inside the Great Pyramid’s hidden chambers? And what awesome secret, unseen for 4,500 years, could be concealed there?

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