Fukushima fuel pools – greatest short-term threat to humanity

A few excerpts from an incredibly informative and alarming article regarding the potential dangers surrounding Fukushima reactor #4. Much of this information is still flying under the radar.  Awareness and preventative measures towards nuclear energy are crucial at this time.


Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, stated that if the crippled building of reactor unit 4—with 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 100 feet above the ground—collapses, not only will it cause a shutdown of all six reactors but will also affect the common spent fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4. In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air. This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced […]

In Ambassador Murata’s letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, it was stated that we should bring human wisdom to tackle this unprecedented challenge.

It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on NO.4 reactor. This is confirmed by most reliable experts like Dr. Arnie Gundersen or Dr. Fumiaki Koide […]

Kevin Kamps said last month:
If that cooling water supply is lost, it will be just a few hours at most before that waste is on fire. 135 tons outside of any radioactive containment. They would be direct releases into the environment. 100% of cesium-137 could be released to the environment […]

As the eminent German physicist Dr. Hans-Peter Durr said ten months ago, if the spent fuel pool spills, we will be in a situation where science never imagined we could be […]

 From: Global Research

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