Free Binaural Beats Iphone App

Binaural beats helps you concentrate, relax or fall asleep by inducing the brain to perceive different brainwave states such as: beta,alpha, theta, delta. Combining with different nature sounds, you can make your own themes for many purposes such as: Sleep induction, study aid or headache treatment etc. Blocking noise from the outside world, no more distraction! Get it now for FREE!

Features:– Free combination of binaural beats, background noise and ambient noise to customize your own theme.- Separately configure the volume of all 3 sound layers.- Interval (loop) setting for ambient noise.- 6 pieces of high quality stereo background noises and 16 ambient noises.- Set ambient noises as loop sound like raining or occasional sounds like thunder or seagulls calling.- General volume control in playback window.- Programmable application shutdown timer.- Sound volume fades out at the end of timer.

Free Binaural Beats Iphone App

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