Chico Xavier – Astral City

Based on the best selling book by medium Chico Xavier, the film tells the story of Andre Luiz, a successful doctor who experiences an enlightening spiritual awakening after his death. When he wakes up in the spiritual world, he embarks on a new journey of self-discovery and transformation, from his first days in a dimension of pain and suffering, until when he is rescued and taken to the spiritual Astral City. With magnificent art direction and special effects that have never been seen before in a Brazilian production, and featuring an amazing score by composer Philip Glass, the film brings to the screen what life is like at the Astral City that hovers in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

(Blue Star Visions) Chico Xavier is a well known medium in Brazil.  He wrote 412 books by psychography. Chico said the story was authored by a spiritual entity who used his body to write the book.

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