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Excerpt from a recent article at The Resonance Project Foundation discussing a recent talk given by Stephen Hawking.  Garnering extensive media attention, Hawking redefines the event horizon of a black hole effectively stating that information can be emitted from the trans-horizon area of a black hole – making them more akin to “grey holes”, where information (matter and energy) can go in, and come out as well.

Many have been asking, “How does Hawking’s latest work affect Haramein’s theory?” Also, “Is there any other recent interesting approaches to the information loss paradox?

In 1997 Haramein at the Sequoia Symposium (an interdisciplinary scientific conference) first proposed that black holes should be redefined as white holes / black holes, where the white hole portion is concentric to a central black hole. He coined this new definition of a black hole – “Black Whole”, eventually leading to the publishing by Gaiam Corporation of a DVD on the subject entitled Black Whole. Haramein claimed that information (or the electromagnetic field) could escape the black hole to produce a white portion on its surface due to turbulence and twisting or torsion as a result of a spacetime torque generated by a density gradient of the quantum vacuum fluctuations producing Coriolis effect, “weather patterns”, on the surface horizon. Haramein described this white hole / black hole relationship as a feedback structure between the electromagnetic field and the gravitational field which defined the topology of a dual torus structure, where radiation is most prominent at the equator and absorbed at the poles. […]

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