Livestream Event with Iranian Physicist M. T. Keshe 4/18 – Plasma Reactors, UFOs, Alternative Energy

Project Camelot is pleased to announce this upcoming livestream event.  MT Keshe is now in Belgium working on plasma physics, space technologies and other alternative energy technology.

“One of the objectives of The Keshe Foundation is to apply plasma reactors in “Oasis Units”, which will deliver an integrated solution for human basic needs, such as drinking water, current, light and warmth, where today 1.6 billion people have no electricity and every day 4,000 children die in Southern Africa from contaminated water.

At the same time the Foundation is at present primarily involved in opening and is bringing deep space travel in real universal term and conditions a reality in short number of years  to the reach of every man. Where the man made propulsion technology has become the story of the past.”

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