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Bio – At 23, Joel yearned to have his walls hanging with painted scenes from the tombs and temples of Egypt, but where to find them? Moved by a strange impulse, he put pencil to paper and astonished himself by the copy of a tomb portrait of Ramses II’s beautiful queen, Nefertari, which materialized before him. At that moment, something resonated deep within his soul. Eerily, for an instant, time seemed to melt away. It was as if a voice out of the mists of antiquity was calling him, urging him to awaken memories long lost to the lower consciousness, but alive and real beyond the veil of the physical.

Driven solely by a desire to follow the urgings of that voice, Joel embarked on a mission of self-discovery and artistic endeavor of which Ancient Egypt became the wellspring of inspiration. Focused on a realization of higher-self, Joel has battled everyday life and economics to find the retreat and solitude necessary to accomplish his work. Having no formal training in art, he had to discover the medium and techniques, the discipline and focus, which would allow him to capture his unending visions in increasingly sophisticated and complex works.

Joel understands that he is intricately connected with Ancient Egypt among other past cultures, the images, and mystical visions of which flash before his inner sight. It is in the spirit of gratitude and humility for this gift that he feels part of himself a “child,” or “one who was formed,” by this mighty, mysterious, radiant, and wise “model of civilization,” beloved by all enlightened souls.

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