Is Our Sun In a Binary Star System?

A leap of cosmic proportions, Walter Cruttenden gave up his life in the financial world to research the possibility that our Sun might be part of a binary star system. As well as his ground breaking work at the Binary Research Institute, Walter has produced a documentary called The Great Year, the period of time it takes the equinox to traverse through all twelve constellations of the zodiac (precession of the equinox), or one binary orbit. Narrated by James Earl Jones, the film includes interviews with archaeologists, professors of history and astronomy, and other experts all describing facets of the Great Year or the possibility of a binary motion.

This is the story of The Great Year and new scientific evidence to support it. Recent solar system studies seem to indicate that precession is indeed caused by a curving motion of our sun through space. While not yet widely accepted, if true it a startling finding confirming the wisdom of the ancients.

Further research investigating a possible Sun-Sirius binary system.

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