Hyperdimensional torsion field physics – Anular Eclipse

Geometric alignments — of ROTATING planetary/stellar objects — are crucial in creating scientifically observable changes in the underlying “torsion field Physics” … across the entire solar system … and, during solar eclipses, are capable of affecting a wide range of diverse phenomenon across this entire planet – ranging from altering actual “physical constants” … to altering “geophysical and meteorological phenomenon” … to dramatically affecting biology… and even “consciousness” itself.

In late June, 1954, Prize-winning “amateur” French physicist Maurice Allais, was managing a specially-designed series of “paraconical pendulum experiments” to explore inertial and gravitational phenomenon…

One afternoon, unknown to the technician on duty, at the time quietly conducting routine pendulum experiments in the vibration-free, underground, windowless laboratory that Allias had created for this specific scientific work … a partial solar eclipse took place over “the City of Light” — June 30, 1954…

Allais used the phrase “a brutal displacement” … to describe the “sudden, extraordinary backwards movement” of the pendulum his laboratory chief had seen (and carefully recorded!), even while not knowing its “mysterious” cause … until later that same afternoon.

Allais’ eventual (1999) explanation for his pendulum’s erratic eclipse motions was to propose that “empty” space, in fact, has some kind of underlying “structure”… or “strain” – a changing “anisotropy” (in other words, a changing “aether!”) – and, that during a geometric alignment of planetary bodies (the Sun and Moon, during an eclipse …) that underlying, constantly “changing spatial structure” is briefly, physically ALIGNED with the Sun, Moon and Earth…

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