Fundamentals of Cosmometry: 6 week virtual course Oct. 9th

Cosmometry is an emerging field of knowledge and application that is the synthesis of millennia of observation, study, theory and direct experience – scientifically and metaphysically – of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles of universal creation. Be it through physics, music, bio-energetics, visionary art, shamanic journeys… a unified understanding of cosmic coherence is arising in consciousness at a new level of integration and wholeness.  ~ Marshall Lefferts, November 2011

Fundamentals of Cosmometry will be explored in six 90-minute sessions.

Topics will include:
WEEK 1: Foundational Concepts: The Holographic Whole
WEEK 2: Starting from Zero: Understanding the Unified Field of infinite energetic and creative potential from which all things arise
WEEK 3: Structural Cosmometry: Exploring the “Tensional Integrity” of manifestation
WEEK 4: Flow Process: The Torus as Fundamental Dynamic System
WEEK 5: Field Patterning: Radials, Waves and Spirals
WEEK 6: Bringing It All Together, the Human Experience, and Applications

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