Exploring Vibrational Medicine Audiobook – Richard Gerber, M.D.

Dr. Gerber builds on his pioneering work with a wealth of new and rare insights into the most promising energetic healing therapies. Through study after study, listeners hear about new findings on unique frequencies emitted by the human body, compelling evidence that proves we are composed of pure energy, how chakra points and acupuncture meridians draw energy from outside systems, and much more.

The energetic approach to medicine is, according to Dr. Gerber, also the Einsteinian or vibrational model which describes the universe as a series of interpenetrating energy fields.  This is the realm of modern or quantum physics where matter as we perceive it does not strictly exist.  Dr. Gerber explains this quite understandably, saying that Einstein’s  famous equation e=mc² (where e is energy, m is matter and c is the speed of light) shows that energy and matter are interconvertible and thereby two expressions of the same thing.  High energy particle physics experiments bear this out, showing that at a micro microscopic or quantum level all matter exists as a form of frozen energy.

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