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DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE – Rick Strassman MD Dr Rick Strassman is a biological psychiatrist who has spent over a decade researching the effects of DMT, psilocybin, and the pineal hormone melatonin. He first began looking into the functions of the pineal gland due to its curious… Continue reading

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Meteorites Brought DNA “Ancestors” to Earth

Researchers discovered the organic molecules uracil and xanthine in the meteorite and confirmed they could not have formed on Earth. These molecules, called nucleobases, are precursors to DNA, a set of genetic instructions for organisms on Earth. Uracil and xanthine… Continue reading

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The Cosmic Serpent

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge is a 1995 non-fiction book by Jeremy Narby. Narby performed two years of field work in the Pichis Valley of thePeruvian Amazon researching the ecology of the Asháninka, an indigenous peoples… Continue reading

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