A. T. Mann – LifeTime Astrology Lecture

World renowned author, artist and astrologer A.T. Mann takes us on a compelling journey through his unique perspective on astrology which expands traditional models into spiral structures. LifeTime Astrology examines life as an unfolding process in time where the natal chart is the cross-section of a much deeper and logarithmic time scale. From this point of view, much can be revealed about the multiple octaves of our life experience, from gestation to death and beyond. With an unparalleled synthesis of modern science, symbolism and various traditions, we present a refreshing take on the age old art and science of astrology.

At the end of the lecture, A.T. shares the trailer for a documentary film that he is developing called The Quest for Happiness which features the Dalai Lama and explores links between neuroscience and meditation.

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