Stuart Littlejohn

Stuart Littlejohn

SJStuart Littlejohn is an artist and illustrator specialising in Magic and Myth, his influences range from ancient art through the Renaissance to the Pre-Rapaelites, Symbolists and Classicist of the 19th Century.

Working mainly in watercolour, his paintings have a jewel-like intensity and unique quality. Stuart’s work is much sought-after and is in private collections world wide. He has designed numerous book covers, murals, 3D works and undertakes private commissions. He has also produced specialist art/design books and is currently working on professional and personal creative projects.

A working magician and former Co-founder of the Order of Minerva Occidentalis in the UK,  he has written and co-organised a wide variety of rituals and group workings based along the theme of Classical Paganism. His long experience, deep insight and knowledge, informs and underpins his paintings. Stuart lives in the UK with his partner Josephine McCarthy.

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