Dylan Martorell

Dylan Martorell

Born in Scotland, Dylan Martorell has been exhibiting and performing for over a decade within Australia and internationally as a musician and artist. Sound in all its various forms, musical diasporas, fourth world mythologies and the natural world are all important touchstones in a multidisciplinary practice that takes in everything from costume design and performance to hand drawn musical scores, screenprints and video.

Influenced by time spent in Mexico, North Africa, Japan and more recently Indonesia, his practice couples an ecstatic sense of improvisation with a highly disciplined style of detail, relying as much upon a use of found objects and chance as it does upon repetition, focus, sine waves and black ink.

It is this nexus of sound and image that is at the heart of a constantly evolving body of work where drawings become ideas for musical costumes and instruments, where performances evolve into ideas for drawings etc. and where materials, patterns and sounds are recycled, reworked and recombined to create new combinations and where the micro mimics the macro and the gallery space becomes the venue for a work that is always in progress.

Artist(s): Site: http://dylanmartorell.blogspot.com/


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