Sadek Bazaraa – Archegram: 3rd Iteration

Sadek Bazaraa – Archegram: 3rd Iteration

Projection stills from 32 minute video composition. Projected live w/Ateleia at Issue Project Room, NY, August June 2009. 

Sadek Bazaraa is a multi-media artist working in the realms of fine art, art direction, and commercial design.  After studying engineering and industrial design at the Georgia Institute of Technology he turned his focus to the graphic arts. In 1998 Bazaraa became one of the founding partners at the direction and design studio GHAVA.  Working within the overlap of art and design, GHAVA has brought a unique artistic slant to numerous commercial projects for clients such as AOL, Nokia, Diesel, power House Books, Warp Records, and Mtv.

Bazaraa’s recent visual acuity is deeply rooted in esoteric and symbolic form.  Drawing from a variety of traditions both ancient and avant-garde, from physics to occult ideologies, his work seeks to crystalize those fleeting moments where the sacred, mysterious, and psychedelic merge seamlessly with the sleek deliberateness of modern design.  Geometric shapes, patterns, and textures are woven together to create visual tapestries of information, illuminating the concealed and hidden forces behind our routine perception.  Through a process-oriented approach of recontextualization and careful manipulation, the mundane becomes glorified as subconscious operators are exposed.

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