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Sacred Chants of Shiva – Craig Pruess and Singers of the Art of Living

Intensely beautiful!! Spacious, transcendental Sanskrit Chants for meditation and silence. Download Audio

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Emilio Gomariz

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Unearthed Moai on Easter Island

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Jupiter’s Pole

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Tesla Laboratory

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Generative Nature

generative nature (by sadekbazaraa)

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Cosmati Pavement, Sacred Geometry at Westminster Abbey

Cosmati Pavement, Sacred Geometry at Westminster Abbey

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Shamash Tablet

Babylonian, early 9th century BC From Sippar, southern Iraq This stone tablet shows Shamash, the sun-god, seated under an awning and holding the rod and ring, symbols of divine authority. The symbols of the Sun, Moon and Venus are above… Continue reading

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André Kertész (1894 – 1985)

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Carly Margolis

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