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Hamza El Din – Escalay

One of the first world-music releases to reach Western ears (originally issued in 1968), this album rightfully established Hamza El Din as one of the leading instrumentalists on the lutelike oud, which he taught to guitarist Sandy Bull and others.… Continue reading

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Native American Church Song


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Rig Veda Mantra

Rig Veda – 1 (3/5) (via vedas88)

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Mushroom Ceremony of the Mazatec Indians of Mexico – Maria Sabina

Folkways Records FR 8975, this is a US pressing of the impossible to find “Mushroom Ceremony Of the Mazatec Indians Of Mexico” This recording, made by Gordon Wasson in 1956, attempts to chronicle a religious ceremony involving the ingestation of… Continue reading

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The Rosslyn Stave Angel – Music Cipher

The Rosslyn Stave Angel – Music Cipher (via stuart7m)

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Gurdjieff, Tsabropoulos: Chants, Hymns and Dances

Philosopher, seeker after the truth, reconciler of science and religion, teacher, guru to artists, writers and musicians, Gurdjieff was an enigmatic figure; even his birthdate is uncertain: 1866 or 1877. He taught movements “to alter or heighten consciousness” at his… Continue reading

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